Hitler - Ukraine Tweets

@dcexaminer How can Ukraine wins against Putin. Putin the new Hitler of this world

@VolodymyrDotCom The world sees him as an orc, a Nazi, always will. That is what Putin did to Russians. I feel sorry for their children it will be hard for them they will have to live with the shame and be angry at them. Putin will be seen as Hitler. Ukraine will be seen as heroes always. https://t.co/gK4x6ozPeG

@BadWWIITakes The BS about Ukraine aside, they're not entirely wrong. Many British and American banks were sympathetic towards Hitler and helped Nazi Germany on issues like taking over Czechoslovakian funds. It was only with their loss of assets in France that they finally drew a line.

"The German government’s silence on Melnyk’s recent remarks is not simply a scandal. It is part of a deliberate campaign to rehabilitate fascism and ultimately Hitler himself." #Germany #Ukraine

@GfyDoxxers @stybba3019 did you start supporting Ukraine because you heard that they're Hitler reincarnated or what

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