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@benshapiro Not likely. The war is like the siege of a castle. Ukraine can only hold out so long unless Russia self-implodes first. You should talk about the 90th anniversary of Hitler coming to power, vs Biden's govt instead. https://t.co/jHFMXre0Od

@DerekInMexico @WilliamHaslett5 I already answered on another comment. His defence of a sovereign Ukraine is valued. But that's were the value ends. He allied with Hitler causing the death of thousands of ukranians and polish.

@blackdiammon Hitler only had one ball, Selenskyj has none. Hitler was a decent painter, Selenskyj isn't. Hitler was a soldier during world war 1, Selenskyj never was. Hitler lost Ukraine to the Russians, Selen...wait. Nah, that's it.

The director of the #Auschwitz memorial, Piotr Cywiński, made a conscious relativization of the crimes of the Nazis by equating Russia’s reactionary invasion of Ukraine to the wars waged by Hitler and the Holocaust. #auschwitz78 https://t.co/6aPzVQMp23

Austria could never be accused of rejecting Hitler and the Nazis. So its support of Russia's Nazi style invasion of Ukraine should not surprise anyone. Hungary has always supported Russia. How Hungary was accepted into EU is mind boggling.

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