Guterres - Ukraine Tweets

illegal USA wars/proxy wars and occupation of 1/3 of Syria on his watch, Guterres is silent ... 8 year of Ukraine bombs on its own people, Guterres is silent ... when Guterres speaks, it's during a Kiev photo op, using language criticising Putin, not Biden or USA puppet Zelenskyy

This is not Ukraine, this is #Iran This is not a war zone, it is a #university, Mr. #Guterres. Look and see how they shoot students with war weapons...@mbachelet @JavaidRehman @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @RahaBahreini @Amnesty @amnestyiran @mikepompeo @NikkiHaley

Russia accuses UN chief of abusing authority β€” RT Russia & Former Soviet Union Dear Mr. Guterres , you are the person to clarify the REALITY of the Russia ( US ) Ukraine conflict ! You know too well what Ukraine did !

@MechanicznaC @natashasrussia I await the departure of a Brazilian representative who was appointed by Guterres to carry out investigations in Ukraine, and with that to have an impartial and fair opinion, as there will be no suspicion of partiality that permeates the UN institutions lately.

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