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Representative Victoria Spartz, who immigrated to the United States from Ukraine, because of it's unique freedoms and rights. Lays down why the left's attempts to infringe on the second amendment are so dangerous. #2AShallNotBeInfringed #tyranny #ProtectTheRepublic #GunControl

What always get me is the people calling for #GunControl with a #Ukraine flag in their profile. Did they miss the part where Ukraine was arming their civilians with better gear than we can get in the United States and tossing them into battle?

EU states sound alarm over Ukraine weapons smuggling in response to fears that criminal groups are smuggling them back out of the country and on to Europe’s black market #Nato #defence #arms #GunControl #vonderLeyen #UkraineInvasion #VladimirPutin

The futility of #GunControl can be found in the most recent of world events today. From #Ukraine to the assassination of #ShinzoAbe, proof exists that no law will prevent man from using firearms for both good or evil. It's time to end the #guncontrol movement once and for all.

Fewer people died in Ukraine as a result of the war this weekend than in the US as a result of gun violence. #EndGunViolenceNow #GunReformNow #GunControl

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