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@Pontifex @ZelenskyyUa Your Holiness, I am a Church going and contributing Catholic. I have been living in Ukraine. I attend Cathedral of the Assumption in Odessa. My pastor is Father Roman. With great respect for you, I think the Gospel makes clear there is a time for sadness and a time for anger?

What an amazing time in Latvia! We were even blessed to minister to refugees from Ukraine. Pray for the final festival today, that the weather stays clear and people's hearts are open to the Gospel! https://t.co/Bq8CjkakwK

@ksorbs Why don’t you go over to Ukraine and spread the Gospel. And speak of the Gospel. What are doing to share the gospel to a dying world?

It was so powerful to hear stories of the Church & the believers from Ukraine. Stories of sacrifice, revival amongst the youth, prayer mov'ts, and the spirit of perseverance in the midst of war. But it's always in difficult situations where the Gospel explodes and reaches people. https://t.co/vg0RhqaHdu

@ukraine_map 1. Because Putin kicked some missionaries we know out. The Gospel is more likely to be able to be preached in Ukraine if it remains free. 2. Russia must be stopped at some point or they'll pose a threat to our economy and try to blackmail us. Ukraine is a good place to stop them.

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