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Friends independent Journalist based in Germany & Austria are reporting Massive protest occurred in both countries March11 2023 against @NATO @SecDef @JoeBiden @DeptofDefense involvement In Ukraine Many protestors they spoke to say #USA wants a nuclear war with #Russia

@ProfessorWerner I have found a lot of what John Mearsheimer has been saying lately about the Russia-Ukraine situation and the return to multi-polarity so on point. As it stands, it looks like the US has defeated Germany 3 times over the last century.

@bohdanstasiuk1 @TonyRees33 @allaboutgold Darling, my country literally provided Ukraine with reverse gas flow, as we were pumping Russian gas we got through Germany to Ukraine like who are you trying to convince?

@DavidMontecelo @EdKrassen 😂 AGAIN, I never said that, did I? The Ukraine is operating the drones, not the U.S. 🤦‍♂️ Two, Neville Chamberlain is the reason France and Britain was so unprepared. I never mentioned the U.S. But, is quite the same argument here; Germany invaded Europe, Russia invaded Ukraine🤦‍♂️

@LindseyGrahamSC Lindsay - we are way beyond the experience of Hitler and Germany, so stop the fear mongering. Are you advocating to have America enter the war? Americans being killed over Ukraine’s borders? You’re enabling this war by sending weapons and $. Why not enable peace?

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