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🏳️‍🌈 During the Portugal-Uruguay match, a fan wearing a T-shirt with slogans in support of Ukraine and Iranian women ran onto the field, and held an LGBT flag in his hands. During yesterday's match between Germany and Spain, Spanish fans raised the Azog flag.

@jordanbpeterson Trump's claim on Germany's oil dependency on Russian was viewed as self-evident for eastern europeans at that time. Nobody listened. It was also a no brainer for us that Russia will attack Ukraine in the following years. Almost nobody listened, especially Germany and France.

27 Nov Ukraine War Map Russia Lose Control in Bakhmut War in Ukraine Explained #Canada #Germany #America #Ukraine

More than 500 museums, theatres, concert halls, churches, monuments and archives have been destroyed or damaged by Russian rocket or bomb attacks in Ukraine. Since July, Germany has provided around 4 million euros in aid for the restoration of cultural assets.

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