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@MelnykAndrij You didn't help. Your very undiplomatic and insulting behaviour against the German people and our government has been a huge distraction. There was more discussion about your insults in the news than the real problems of Ukraine. Ukraine didn't even want to see our head of state.

0MG, I miss @youtube🤗 awesome new clip, sillily MISLABELED "🇺🇦's DEATH RAY"😂🚫 most assume #NLAW #ATGM.🚫But, its #Ukraine️ using (terrific) German off-route directional anti-tank-mine w/either a laser or, fiber optic cable trip-wire activation CALLED DM12 #DM22 #PARM1/2 =KIA!

Ukraine war live updates: Kyiv pushes for fighter jets despite U.S., German refusal; Russia makes 'concerted assault’ on Donetsk - CNBC

No sooner had the German and the US tanks reached Ukraine than they started talking about the supply of F-16. What’s next? The West will have only 2 bad choices: become a ground for the newest Russian weapon or accept the defeat of Nazi regime in Ukraine (better for all).

@yuanyi_z Well...the head of German intelligence had to be air-lifted out of Ukraine by special forces his agency has so confident an invasion wouldn't happen

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