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@JulienDigoit @petri_nyberg @OgbeniDemola Chechnya, Ukraine, Georgia were all response to NATO expansion, in Syria they are supporting the govt against American efforts to overthrow the govt, Wagner are always supporting govts against insurgents. Again I tell you this is a no western propaganda spin zone.

@Dmitry96160475 @Daina94795108 @jwdwsq @RWApodcast Russia is clearly being aggressed by NATO, which uses Ukraine, Lithuania & Georgia as proxies. It has the SACRED RIGHT to defend itself.

@Ramy_The_Tank @techreview @MorganStanley @citrix @IrisICG and we in east Europe see Russia as enemy. because for hundreds of years Russia only did what it attacked its neighbors. Poland, the Baltic countries, Finland, Georgia, Ukraine, But he constantly exposes himself as a victim.🤣 and Russia weapon is overhyped

It all seems so strange!! The actors didn’t go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Darfur, Georgia?? Ukraine seems to be an odd one out🤔🤔 LARGEST LAUNDERING ORGANISATION IN THE WORLD

@bfry1981 Hanging on to tattered threads of Ivan Grozny, Peter, Catherine, Romanticizing the Romanovs, and Stalin. It would be comical if not so tragically cruel. To Ukraine, to Georgia, Chechnya, Trans-Dniester et al and Russia itself.

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