Georgia - Ukraine Tweets

Leaving Georgia. No Ukraine flags in the South. Weird....they must all love Russians and Putin. So obvious.

The only viable end to the war is victory for Ukraine, defeat for the Russian Federation invasion army, the liberation of all occupied territory in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and other places, and a post-war settlement where the Moscow empire no longer exists.

I fully agree (expressed already in an article from February 2016): there can be no negotiation with Putin's regime in the sense that there can be no compromise on anything. Once the Russian forces have left Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Syria... we'll see how to call it.

Today on August 8 it is 14 years since Russia attacked Georgia. In hindsight the Western weak response is a great shame. If the West had imposed serious sanctions on Russia then, Putin might not have attacked Ukraine in 2014 and this year.

Former #Russian President and top Kremlin security adviser Medvedev suggested the Kremlin had designs on #Georgia and #Kazakhstan, both former Soviet republics like #Ukraine. All nations inhabiting the once great and mighty Soviet Union will once again live together under us

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