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Commission to recommend candidate status for Ukraine? "officials [also] said that commissioners were generally supportive of Moldova, where a staunchly pro-EU government is now in place, but that they were less confident about Georgia"

@WWMOEE @Podolyak_M @GharibashviliGe The Ukrainian army was also not great, but the West helps you all the time with weapons etc. Who helped Georgia? no one No country has received such aid as Ukraine has now

@TheRickyDavila Why not three quarters of them were bullshit, just like the primary Georgia just held, people voting 3times fake ballots, machine's accessed by outside sources really, and nice Ukraine flag, maybe you should move there! I heard it's nice this time of year, fireworks every day!!

@ServiceSsu Average EU citizen will B turned to machine that will spread rule of Pustalenin elsewhere So European folks, U have 2 arm Ukraine and fight hordes of those marauding thieving killers now in Ukraine evidence is Syria, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, and Europe in the last century.

@MKuefner 🇺🇸&🇨🇦&🇬🇧&🇪🇺-indispeþnsable coexistence as 27 nation-states +#Balkans #Ukraine #Belarus #Georgia in1🇪🇺#UnitedWithUkraine #COFOE #ResetEU "Let's not be afraid!" @POTUS said, quoting JPII in Warsaw 03/26/2022. What does it mean for us: 27🇪🇺today?

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