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@DavidSacks @elonmusk Putin's stated goal is reinstating the Soviet Bloc. Musk proposes a surrender by Ukraine a sovereign country and the world yielding to Putin's nuclear blackmail. He attacked Georgia, Chechnya, Kazakhstan. Then Crimea. Now Ukraine. A neutral Ukraine leaves it open for grabs.

@sopbeen @delcommand @FialkaMoon @LesleyT97 @kms_d4k @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly Ah ok, so just give him Ukraine and we will be fine. Why didn't I think of that By the way he also wants Georgia. Give him that too and Moldova?

@Nata9386 @ZalinskyS @Ukraine The famine of 30's kill people in all USSR (Including Georgia. Stalin's Homeland) not only in Ukraine. It wasn t targered against Ukraine just all Soviet Union, including Russia as well. Let's took the Gorbachov(Russian) experiences:

@AmazonEve @AurelianofRome Occam’s Razor, very simple: 1) Russia is a state owned country, that is inherited from the URSS. 2) Russia is isolated geographically, Russian STATE historically needs lands outside its borders. 3) Chechenya, Dagestan, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakstan all puppets

@HannathJane @Flash_news_ua Oh FFS 2008 - Georgia 2014 - Ukraine See also transnistria, Checnya, Syria. Russia takes lands and oppresses cultures, USA strikes at enemies, reduces their risk to US security and then leaves. Quite a different. One is imperialist conquest, the other is defensive.

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