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@AvetArmenia @dcernakov @richimedhurst Yeah right, good luck with that while Iran's busy murdering their own people as well as people in Gaza, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, etc. Iran's justice my ass hahaha. islamism really brainwashed you huh Also I don't support Israeli weapon sales to the Karabakh war.

@GersagerH To reiterate, you're politically illiterate, stop spamming me. Ukraine has been bombing Donbass for 8 years killing 18,000 people, Israel has been doing the same thing to Gaza.

@NSResponder @JamesEFoster You support the murderous occupation of Gaza and the theft of Palestinian land by a terrorist apartheid state every bit as brutal as Putin's occupation of Ukraine. Anyone who thinks that pointing this out is anti Semitic needs to get his head sorted.

@mt1983z @MBookOfFellas @AlanRMacLeod So you think it’s acceptable for Israel to bomb Gaza but its unacceptable for Russia to bomb Ukraine?

The Republican-led House of Representatives voted on Thursday to pass a resolution to remove Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, over her comments criticising the Israeli government. #Palestine #FreePalestine #Gaza #USA #Ukraine

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