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Wtf? 800mil MORE for Ukraine aid???? I work hard but can’t afford a used electric car or the GAS to get to f’ing work in my small Jeep without cutting into groceries etc. AMERICA FIRST already! #2024CantComeSoonEnough

Not to mention those massive salaries and pensions for FED employees. 50 BILLION to Ukraine among the other FOREIGN aid we hand out like candy, while seniors struggle to pay for GAS and FOOD.

@scepticsinc They're turning back to coal short term because of a GAS shortage because of the war in Ukraine. Nothing to do with renewables. Still strongly committed to renewables, which would have helped avert this crisis

@RT_com That’s good news Germany chemical industry close today because of shortages of GAS that’s the most exuding News for today Russia they don’t sanction Germany but Germany stupids they sanction Russia they send weapons to Ukraine to kill Russians but GOD is with Russia

AMERICA WORKERS gets $2 savings on TANK of GAS. Ukraine gets $420 millions for a NON WINNABLE WAR. SHAMEFUL

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