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Shell reports record profits as energy prices soar after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. What say you, republicans? 👆👆👆 @GOP @GOPLeader @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @JudiciaryGOP @HomelandGOP @tedcruz @RonnyJacksonTX @GOPChairwoman @JohnCornyn

@RpsAgainstTrump she doesn’t understand the issue in its proper context as a proxy war between Europe=Ukraine and China=Russia, if she is going to be VP or GOPLeader she needs to be educated properly on geopolitics at the next level. Perhaps @RpsAgainstTrump can explain it to her…

@GOPLeader, the Ukraine is not our country and these are not our people and the victory is not ours because more money to Ukraine spells devastation to US citizens! We demand you stop sending our grocery and gas money to them!

@mychaelschnell @KellyannePolls @GOPLeader Tens of millions of refugees. Hundreds of thousands killed, millions maimed. Cities in ruins. In the center of Europe!!! Why should USA give Ukraine everything necessary (Lend-Lease), to defeat Russia? Gary Yuri #Tabach

@CollinRugg @HouseGOP @GOPLeader No more $$ to Ukraine! Zelensky going to the Golden Globes in Hollywood?

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