GOP - Ukraine Tweets

@TheRickWilson she still thinks Trump likes Putin so Putin has her support. Using Ukraine as leverage in Congress is what she is about and now that is taken from the GOP for a while. does not care about Ukraine in the least.

Everybody shows Zelensky the deserved respect, except two wannabees left overs from GOP. That's like spitting Ukraine in the face. Sometimes, even if you don't agree, you show public proper behavior. And they did not. Idiots.

"No interest to defend in Ukraine." Anyone else old enough to remember when democracy was an American value, not just a progressive value? The idea of freedom is now too "woke" for the GOP.

The Russian GOP assets are opposed to fighting for democracy by supporting Ukraine. MJT is leading the charge. MJT. Her voice. Scared yet?

This was @GOPLeader last night decked out in his @GOP issued #Ukraine swag kit, does this look like the America First guy you want as Speaker? #NoRINOS

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