GOP - Ukraine Tweets

@EKIII19 @Alireza7_0_2 @RosieCheeks_888 @BrokawTim @CalltoActivism There is way too much evidence to show the GOP was actively involved in planning the coup. Putin controlled multiple GOP congressional reps. Merrick Garland went to Ukraine to gather evidence that someone in congress is in fact a Russian agent.

@GOP George Bush prosecuted an ILLEGAL war in Iraq! Not that different from what Russia is doing to Ukraine. Illegal, without provocation, killing innocent people and destroying entire villages. OK, on a smaller scale, but same actions.

@GOP These weapons would be very useful for Ukraine defense. But you can kill yourself if you prefer.

@thebashorebatch @AesPolitics The Inflation is Global It's Caused by the Pandemic and War in Ukraine The Pandemic the Orange Man made worse The War the Orange Man let Putin set up by weakening Ukraine for him. So Not Biden's Fault there. Also the GOP Voted against every Inflation control bill .....

@eddsmitty @Betterw05759703 @WOLFwisdom58 👍🏼Boston Bombers weren’t GOP. This is a domestic terrorism epidemic & guns are the problem. This is all part of the same 🌎 conspiracy started w/tfg, Kushner, Manafort… #Ukraine - tfg lifted sanctions on Deripaska’s companies #Rusal 🇺🇦 & pardoned Kilimnik. #TrumpRussia🇷🇺

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