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@DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump GOP House reps who recently heavily invested in Gold? ESP Bannon backed/promoted Barrick’s Are those GOP Reps the same Reps who are Pro-Putin —anti-Ukraine aid? Who does the debt ceiling standoff serve? BRICS — Ruin 🇺🇸 AAA credit rating add 1T debt

@ScottFishman The reason for backing Ukraine is that it is an emerging democracy that was invaded by one of the main trouble makers in the world. WTF has happened to the GOP.

@TheRickWilson Folks like Gaetz don't hold principled beliefs, have any understanding of issues relating to Ukraine, but seize opposing positions only to attract attention. It's a sad reflection of GOP politics in the 21st Century.

Column: Ukraine's fight benefits U.S. national security. The House GOP is on the wrong side

@literaryeric I'd pay that to defeat Putin in Ukraine. In that country, you've got an ally that fights for what we believe in. I'd pay that to get rid of the radical wing of the GOP. Last thing we need to deal with is more whiny, brutal, manipulative tyrants who steal to get what they want.

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