French - Ukraine Tweets

@Ayychley You’re absolutely correct. There’s no way Ukraine can win. I think people in the French government have admitted that as well. Which, let’s be honest here, isn’t all that surprising

@union_ukr_fr Very sad to read these comments. Especially coming from French whose country was liberated from nazis by people coming from all over the world. Ukraine also has its Oradour-sur-Glane. Bucha, Izyum, Mariupol... Ungrateful fuks.

France agreed to train Ukrainian pilots on the Mirage 2000 to enable Ukraine to buy French aircraft in the long term.

French church abuse victims get reparations, and recognition via @Y 'How about Kremlin GOP Murdoch/Fox 'Putin Ukraine abused & murdered victims & their families ??

@KyivIndependent The story of the rape of Ukrainian women by Russians. Even grandmothers were not spared by Russian soldiers. See this French documentary on Ukraine, one year on: The impact on the nation's women and girls

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