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@sarahrainsford @Daedalus6 @mattgodtv @_rachaelthorn @MarianaMatveic1 Yes to War on Russia as it weakens. Trained professional soldiers from Ukraine-supporting countries should be streaming in to swell the ranks and provide relief for Ukrainian soldiers instead of lightly trained territorial defence heros. Stop Genocide. More French weapons now.

@LeaderMcConnell And never forget the generosity of King Louis XVI and the people of #France for financing our revolution against the oppression of George III. Without the French, we would not be here today and we should be reminded of the important duty we have to Ukraine to pay it forward

@SkyNewsAust Treasurer Jim Chalmers says it will be a “tough day” for Australians facing the potential news of rising interest rates today. Answer: we should probably give the French, Ukraine and indo-pacific nations more tax payers money

@JohnOBrennan2 Can Macron be really trusted, why does he not want Putin to be humiliated? Is he working with Putin to carve-up Ukraine? What sinister web exists between Russian oligarchs and some French captains of industry?

All Member States are equal, except some are more etc etc From @AgencEurope “European Commission approved a €5 billion French scheme to support energy-intensive companies in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. …

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