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@Tsihanouskaya That moment of reckoning will arrive & the clock is ticking, faster every day! Putin will fall. Imagine a free Belarus, a free Ukraine and eventually a free Russia! Never doubt, never give up & never surrender! Freedom will bring prosperity, progress, opportunities & liberties!

@UsRivals @SalmanSima @PierrePoilievre @JustinTrudeau @CPC_HQ There was a Liberal spewing Ukraine nonsense, there was Pierre who was standing behind freedoms for everyone , lots of political Farsi speakers which I didn’t understand … where was Max? “Mr.Freedom” himself …would you have preferred nobody show up?

@lapatina_ You know that we, members of NATO, already support Ukraine. Any formal recognition would be appropriate but timing is everything. I think you understand that saving lives will continue to be an objective . . . The price of Freedom is high.

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