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@GavinBarwell @BorisJohnson I do not see EU contribution which is on top of nations, and I also believe France is not reporting what they provided Ukraine. But either way, this is completely correct, that Europe, including the UK should do much more.

TSX:ESGY starts to decline on breaking news: Leaders of Germany, France, Italy, Romania in Ukraine to support fight against Russia

@catherine___c Yes, almost a billion$ to "Do nothing for us France", and corrupt tin pot country Ukraine. Thanks Albo. Good start mate, plenty of media support, they won't even mention any of this.

@jes_chastain Not that it matters in your self centered world...I signed on a dotted line for you to voice your view. But...if you're giving me the middle finger over my sacrifice, you can go live in Haiti, France, Norway, or Ukraine (they'd love your understanding of trafficking there)

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