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@jordanbpeterson Trump's claim on Germany's oil dependency on Russian was viewed as self-evident for eastern europeans at that time. Nobody listened. It was also a no brainer for us that Russia will attack Ukraine in the following years. Almost nobody listened, especially Germany and France.

@jezse_muthami @Reuters the crimes committed by the US, UK and France don't even begin to compare to what russians are doing in Ukraine

@kozic_matija @thesiriusreport France had the same population in ww1 that Ukraine has now, 1.4 million French soldiers died and millions more were injured and France kept fighting

Anton Gerashchenko is an official advisor and a former deputy minister at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, ex-member of the Ukrainian parliament. . "Solovyev⚰️ predicts Germany, France, Belgium and other European countries can have religious wars". Solovyev⚰️

Biden, Macron ready to talk Ukraine, trade in state visit • FRANCE 24 En…

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