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@JamesTate121 Clips of @TuckerCarlson appear on Russian TV promoting Putin Amazing @FoxNews has anti American @TuckerCarlson on every night spreading pro #putin commentary as innocent #Ukraine #women #children being killed think #WarCrimes against humanity #FoxNews

@FoxNews when are you going to show Trump speeches and his alternative ideas to killing our oil and gas industries, and in calling for Peace Talks in Ukraine. You only show the incompetent Biden &handlers endlessly and his horrible policies, esp Ukraine

US treasury determines monies to #Ukraine not being misused. #TuckerCarlson #FoxNews

@FoxNews How do you come here illegally and demand sh@t Go home. Or go to Ukraine they getting billions

@Benormal247 @darkrose81 @FoxNews I selected ones which a normal human wouldn’t find fault with. Obviously numerous others about Covid, supporting Ukraine, gun control, that only MAGAtards would object to.

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