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@NBCNews Putin would definitely give up Ukraine in exchange for Florida.

@David4lks DeSantis banned the teaching of black history in Florida schools, which is important to understand in order to put US historical events in context/significance Carlson’s mostly just a turd but the way he talked about Zelenskyy and Ukraine sent off red flags in my brain

#HolocaustMemorialDay As we approach Holocaust Memorial Day, it is very disturbing to witness people being shot & buried in mass graves in Ukraine while books & teaching accurate US history are being banned in Florida. #NeverForget לעולם על תשכח

@therecount @Fernand46357857 He should be recalled for incompetence there’s no way we let Russia take 20% of Ukraine. How can he even say that would he give 20% of the United States over to Russia how about let’s give them Florida or maybe Texas I could let go of either one of those states, let’s make a deal

@Billbrowder @piersmorgan @TalkTV @TomiLahren I’m a Republican and I agree. Our money is being sent to Ukraine and used to buy couture dresses for his wife and multimillion dollar mansions in Florida. No more money to Ukraine. Let him use his own money.

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