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@avalaina Fighting for the survival of Ukraine, all in Ukraine, human and animals … what amazing people… Russia’s going to take a very, very long time to get past the pain they have brought.. and rightly so.

@EmmanuelMacron Sir, Fighting for Ukraine to join NATO ok, but situation r critical b'coz of Nuclear, immediate cease-fire shul'd happen,No one will survive if nuclear war happens, Then what is use of war? Nuclear means complete deaths, please cease-fire.

@AnnaBel09390268 Ridiculous - when we were FIGHTING in Afghanistan, our resources were not as drained like NOT FIGHTING in the Ukraine. I have No Remembrance of eggs at $6/dz or steaks at $15/lb with any other Presidency but Biden’s. Lay the blame for hi-prices on the Democrats. Vote them out.

@AZmilitary1 What will it take for Russians to have peace in Ukraine??? It’s been much longer than 8 years, they’ve only BEEN shouting and FIGHTING ONLY for 8 years! Legal Democracy for 🇷🇺=❌ while nothing is being done, who else is helping Russia fight for everyone’s freedom from the US?!?!

@JuliaDavisNews Nobody is attacking their "Fatherland"!!! They are attacking other nation! Fighting is not inside russia. If it were real advanced NATO weapons with real NATO troops- all russians would be dead or injured now! NATO basically gives Ukraine decommissioned tech from 80s -HIMARS!

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