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@sergiymotorin @runews We have regards for the lives of our soldiers unlike the Ukrainian reich who throws groups of khokhols into mine Fields and heavily defended positions 💀 at some point i feel bad for them bro it's the 10th mobilization in Ukraine they're literally scraping the barrel

@graham025 @visegrad24 Ok and again, unless Russia actually starts doing something, the recent convoy that left today is showing that it's all bluffs. So Ukraine will send more ships to export grain. Now the granaries empty, Fields don't rot, economy gets better. All while Russia claims its blockading.

@Chemistree101 @minakimes Nice Ukraine flag. Between that and Fields you just love losers

@Dark_Falcon7 @Ponderosa1415 @TuckFrump_2020 @newsmax 28 to 14 and two picks from Fields. Kind of like how Ukraine and trillions from the rest of the world still can’t even beat

@mdfzeh Ukraine army is gone...its fix many NATO army on the Fields...Its legitimate to use Nuke to Kiev...if NATO army not Out from Ukraine, Kiev must bomb use Nuke

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