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To be part of the NAFO community means to devote your time to the idea of a free Ukraine, to fight Russians' disinformation, lies and slander against Ukraine. A few Fellas are riding the wave just to boost their number of followers, and this misses the goal of the mission. https://t.co/sF2Y8Prq5N

@WriterKaylie @astast231 @RubezahlF I wouldn't say absolutely false. They are using another Fella's bespoke avatar (apparently on three accounts) and when asked to change it they became exceedingly rude and confrontational. They may support Ukraine, but they are acting in bad faith.

🙏🇺🇦🎸 #FELLAS! We have 5 more days to vote for our song in support of #Ukraine “Cardinal Birds - Uke Line” in the British Radio nomination! Please vote for us! This will help draw public attention to this #war! We’ll be grateful to each of you!!! Vote: https://t.co/Evb8HDnML4 https://t.co/pRHeKeL5Iv

(1/4)Dear Friends, Supporters & Fellas, We are continuing fundraising for portable power stations & generators for🇺🇦! https://t.co/1NlAOIYAVa ❌r*ssian military has deliberately targets Ukraine's power plants to leave millions of people without electricity this winter! More👇 https://t.co/zHkRT26cGD

#NAFOarticle5 this Ukraine & #NAFO hating scumbag needs a good bonking #Fellas. This link leads you right to him: https://t.co/pasgPMoCUc https://t.co/Js272RpZ8X

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