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🚨 Real Madrid have donated more than one million euros to Ukraine The club, through its Foundation have supplied food and medicine as well as blankets, beds and blankets to those affected. @diarioas #rmlive 🇺🇦

⚡️Amsterdam will give Ukraine 200 bikes, reports the Dutch fund Zeilen van Vrijheid. The Foundation notes that, first of all, they want to provide bicycles to medical personnel, social workers and volunteers to help those who need them. 👉 Follow @Flash_news_ua

@JustinTrudeau @redcrosscanada Explain why it's so easy to send millions to the UK for a Foundation, to Pakistan for flood relief, to Ukraine for God knows what....but Canada gets: "we will match Canadian and Corporate donations"...I feel like I'm watching a bad telethon. #TrudeauMustGo

@TPostMillennial Serial Liar. No one escapes Justice, hrc thinks she can resurrect as a TV 'star.' How much is the Foundation getting from Ukraine anyway?

Yes it's hard ~ WE can not convince Liberals that Oligarchy planned #Ukraine regime change since 2004 I have not researched #Taiwan ~ But I am sure it is the same set up Foundation to pay bribes for 10 years to Foundations that make Regime Change Wars Happen to make money ~

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