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Excellent! Let's get them more drones to spread the fear. @UkraineAidOps Also @serhiyprytula Foundation and @United24media

Latest Fox News write up on our Foundation and our efforts to support and supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with everything needed for victory. And we keep on working! For victory!

@ZelenskyyUa @POTUS Biden is giving all this support to Ukraine to save his own ass and Foundation with Soros. NOT ONE MORE DOLLAR UNTIL WE HAVE AN AUDIT OF THE MONEY.

@ACTBrigitte For what? The Trumps aren't in jail for illegal transactions of their Foundation! They aren't in prison for business dealings with Russian and China! Trump is in jail or extortion of Ukraine! So what has Hunter done?

Let’s not be fooled, we know it gets laundered in Ukraine and dispersed secretly to our own Members of Congress, each have a Foundation and/or a off shore bank accounts.

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