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@nytimes I'll say it again. Bull fucking shit. Your seeing the corruption that the so call Prez. Is going down for. Why is it so important to secure Ukraine's border but not our own? It's ok to let God who knows into our country without knowing anything about them? Security breach? FJB!!

1.26.23: For FJB to keep #Zelensky silent, re: Biden Crime Family, he's sending $9m each M1A2 Abrams tanks to #Ukraine. Ukes need to be trained for months. U.S. soldiers will train them. In Ukraine, just like U.S. advisors in Vietnam circa 1961. cc: @TomCottonAR @rep_stevewomack

@LastOutlaw1993 ...because the FBI, CIA, DEA, and the BLM ignored the fact that candidate Biden was open to blackmail. That's exactly what has kept the #Ukraine war going for months and run U.S. taxpayers billions. #FJB is paying-off his blackmailer #Zelensky with our money. Unbelievable.

@itsJeffTiedrich And yet libtards send billions upon billions to corrupt ass Ukraine. #FJB

#IMPEACHBIDENNOW #FJB Impeach the whole damn Biden administration!! So sick of this installed shell of a man that is killing this country!! We need a businessman at the helm that loves America and not a corrupt, life-long America hating, Chinese loving, Ukraine funding ass!

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