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@FIFAWorldCup let's invest?! IN the best of Brazil! City Curitiba - State Paraná, let's guarantee your property in Brazil, in the best city, with the best quality of life in Brazil!!! @POTUS @Ukraine @embraer @DonaldJTrumpJr @Qat @TOMBRANDAO369 @NASA

@FIFAWorldCup @BukayoSaka87 a Palestinian footballer was shot dead by Israeli soldiers but FIFA remained silent and did not sanction the Israeli football association in contrast when Russia invaded Ukraine, football is a sport, not politics

From The Athletic: Portugal midfielder Ruben Neves said he "hopes nothing happens" to the protester who ran onto the field at the #FIFAWorldCup carrying a rainbow flag and wearing a T-shirt that said "Save Ukraine" and "Respect for Iranian Women." Timel...

This many "views" in the last 28 days are not because #Balkans is on fire again. Nope, unfortunately, Balkans doesn't get this level of attention. The current visual #war is happening only in #Ukraine for the Twitter world. This engagement jump is because of #FIFAWorldCup.

Fans across Europe have asked FIFA to withdraw Emi Martinez's award as the #FIFAWorldCup best goal keeper. This follows his infamous celebration after picking up the award. Should FIFA withdraw the award? #COVID #Ukraine #Oraimo #Peteru #yuledochie #PastorFiyin

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