FBI - Ukraine Tweets

He held up aid money for Ukraine until the prosecuter that was investing his son was fired. He flew Hunter around the world in air force 2 to make dark money deals. He made dark money deals using his position as VP. The real question is why has the FBI not investigated Biden.

@DickesonKathy Molesting kids, his daughter In the shower, using doj and fbi against anyone posing a threat to him, being involved in his crackhead sons business dealings in Ukraine and China, all proven by the way should I go on?

@duty2warn Paying BILLIONS to Ukraine for one, weaponizing DOJ and FBI and vilifying 50% of the country resulting in deaths of conservatives to name a few.. but damn, there's literally hundreds of reasons.

@AdamKinzinger Just curious what "high crimes"? will they accused Biden of? I don't recall him firing the head of the FBI or blackmailing Ukraine or attempting a Coup?

@DickesonKathy Money laundering thru Ukraine as shown by FBI whistleblowers. Who the 7th floor of FBI and DOJ won,t prosecute because they are owned by DNC

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