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@Refplusten @EmmetPeppers @DavidSacks They don't know how to fly them and F16s aren't going to frighten anyone. Maybe Ukraine should use the $110 billion to build something of their own

@semanthos @noclador Agreed, but it seems like America has ruled out the transfer of jets for now. Perhaps there wouldn’t be an objection to other countries sending their F-16s to Ukraine, though. Only a handful of NATO countries fly Gripens; not many to send. They’d replace with F16 or F-35…

@michaeldweiss @DmytroKuleba I wonder the absence of a helicopter talk. Choppers are daily used by both sides, why not give Ukraine the Apaches with Hellfire missiles? Far, far easier, logistics- and training-wise, than F-16s, and far more efficient than both Rus & Ukrainian choppers currently used.

@POTUS do you need to get NATO into Ukraine on the fight on the ground if you don’t they are gonna be wiped out. Their soldiers are exhausted and you are late on sending extra equipment like F-16s and a replacement for missing tanks. They need those long-range! They need manpower

@Andriypzag @ZelenskyyUa @RishiSunak They’ve agreed to train the pilots and I’m sure will soon train up the maintenance teams. Supplying the actual planes is the last part of that jigsaw puzzle and is dependent on US backing. Ukraine wants F-16s and Britain doesn’t have those

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