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To reaffirm France's and Europe's unwavering support to Ukraine, president Macron welcomes President Zelensky and Chancelor Scholz to Paris.

@neilflynn61 @colinthecabby We are having the utter piss taken out of us now: •Inflation is a con by Govt •Ukraine is a manufactured war to make cash on arms/weapons •EU wrecking Europe’s population & finances •WEF a dark force that is keeping us poor ,controlled and suppressed

#Thread Pulitzer Prize-winner Seymour Hersh details plot in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Europe's dependence on gas from Moscow. Did #Biden give the order to US Navy to blow up #Nordstream2, with help from #Norway? #BALTOPS22 @wiken2818 @ThereseMBates

@SenTomCotton No its not in our interest. We need the border controlled, inflation down, and stop sending money to Ukraine. We have sent them billions and armaments. Why are they not buying armaments with the billions we sent? Why send both? Its Europes problem..

How has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affected Europe’s energy mix? How are the Baltic states positioning themselves in these European debates? Find out in the latest #BalticWays podcast

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