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@andersostlund Regime change in Moscow helps inflation and lets the world focus on rebuilding Ukraine and Russia, both of which are disasters, if for different reasons. And until both can live with one another, European growth will be hampered.

@vonderleyen Ukraine clearly belongs in the EU. Thank you for championing this cause, their membership in the EU is very long overdue. Ukraine has much to offer the European community.

@patriot_singles @nexta_tv Ok you are clearly a russian muppet, you don't won't help for Ukraine. Your goal is to bring Ukraine into isolation in order to stop any financial and military help from big european countries. Putin arselicker go to hell.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron & Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, plan to visit Ukraine ahead of the G7 summit - Bild "Scholz, Macron & Draghi want to demonstrate European unity with their trip"

Research paper on European far-right radical groups, which includes a few interesting observations about the genocidal ideologies and organizational structure of Ukraine's far-right nationalists.

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