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@RonJay43 @WhiteHouse I’ve a friend that pulls data via Python code around the net and that is the word from European news and that Ukraine is losing miserably

@notoriouslilbee @robreiner Research and not getting on news from one or two channels that say what we want to hear watch some sky News from Australia some English news some European news some Russian news some Ukraine news anything but CNN and MSNBC broaden your horizons don't be a sheep

@Meekeelee011 There is always a guy like you. Ukraine is literally European neighbour country and we were living in peace for decades. Were are the neighbours of countries you mentioned? They don’t care?

@minna_alander We should be pushing for an European Ukraine armed to the teeth, yes. But to achieve it we may need to face the facts. Karelia was not retaken in Continuation War... and Finland did ok. Is it so bad to every now and then mention this?

[JUST RELEASED] The past decade has exposed a lack of solidarity among EU members and put the institution’s shared values in peril. For #FocusUkraine, @mminakov argues that the future of the European project depends on its ability to unite around Ukraine

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