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@ShellenbergerMD Putin took the Crimean Peninsula, unopposed by EU (and Obama), and stopped there to not endanger European support for NS2. Once Biden gave his approval to this second pipeline Putin turned his attention to full invasion of Ukraine. Its Biden’s war for the Ukraine and EU to suffer

These Elites are smoking something really good 🤣 At a conference in Lugano on the restoration of Ukraine, EC President Charles Michel presented a map - which European will restore what: #Russia #Ukraine #Putin #UkraineWar #istandwithukraine #Zelensky #NATO #ukrainerussiawar

Are US Weapons Supplied To Ukraine Ending Up On DarkNet Marketplaces? Arming european ASIS ?

@anniefofani @PeterFl13201217 @vtchakarova Why talk about Biden "false is European union who voted the sanctions" when the reason to all of this mess it the unjustified aggressione of Ukraine by the zar Putin?

@Inca1382 @avengerandz @zerohedge Sure, they can't help Ukraine much or be the engine of European economy if Germany has 3M extra unemployed and riots in the streets.

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