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@Ozymandias97X @amphictyony @arindube @Noahpinion Not correct! It is related to India voting in a particular way. "The US didn’t invade Ukraine" And this concerns India how? India got involved in WWI & WWII eventhough we didn't have a dog in the fight. Millions of Indians dead. Why should Indians be drawn to European squabbles?

@daydreamer_221 @BRI_SL @AndersFoghR If Poland and baltic countries wanted so bad to join NATO, it's because they didn't want to end like Georgia, Chechnya, and now Ukraine An eastern european country joining NATO is a country that Putin/Russia cannot invade.

Social media activists have called upon Arab teams participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to display solidarity with Palestine as European football team captains announced that they will wear armbands in support of Ukraine and other causes.

@LaissezSapien Many believed it was the US reverting to isolationism after WW1 contributed to WW2, so after WW2 we decided to stay actively involved in European security. NATO was created to avoid another major world war in Europe, and so far it's worked, although Ukraine is testing it.

@option_andy @lavern_spicer @elonmusk 😂 And again an US American being not educated 🙄 I am German! Germany is an European country- like Ukraine is an independent European country🙄 WE - as Europe- have a short way to Asia and their products and then you are alone. You need us more then we need you 😉

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