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Western TANKS being supplied to Ukraine are escalating tensions as TENSIONS are rising particularly due to the decisions that are made, first and foremost, in WASHINGTON and in European capitals under Washington's PRESSURE !

@CLAUDEG22996342 @davidmweissman @SameeraKhan EU military personnel estimate 1.3 million. Ukraines was 500,000 before the war. Nearly 50% of combined European countries. In 5 years it would have surpassed EU. Russia made the correct call to demilitarize Ukraine. It was committing genocide on ethnic Russians in the Donbas.

NATO says it's helping the west, but this week they committed to 45 tanks. 45. That is 1.5 batallions. Abrams tanks are more complicated than their European versions. Supply lines, maintenance, training in the middle of war. That's how Ukraine has been operating, and holding.

@KoatesPblood Unfortunately, there were some screw ups that fought on the side of the nazis proper. Every country has their nazi retards, as was the case back then as well, many European countries had people fight in ss. What’s great about Ukraine is that we ban both nazism and communism, as

Ukraine shouldn't need to ask for F-16s. We have Typhoon, Mirage, Tornado, Rafale and JAS right here on European soil. It's high time for Europe to take care of our own.

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