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People in Europe waking up: Stop funding and arming corrupt, nazified, dictatorship, Ukraine.

@Schuldensuehner @miskelayla US has been extracting protection Money 🤑💰 from Europe by calling Communist wolf post WW2 NATO Europe have lost their voice as US uses it like doormat to needle Russia. At the bottom is to keep American War Industry solvent. Weapons meant for Ukraine are sold in black market 🐒

@EuromaidanPress This is very good new . With the Europe Government. Make decision for very helpful money to rebuild Ukraine 🇺🇦 Unless all in Europe Decided to fully supplied with equal weapons to Ukraine survival and the people lives. There will be very little of Ukraine left after Putin war

@ChristopherJM I was under the impression Ru was 2nd best military on the planet and Ukraine wouldn't last a few weeks. UAF must be doing something right. NATO and Europe are reluctantly getting involved because they didn't actually expect Putin to do such a stupid thing as to invade.

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