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Can anyone in Europe publicise their food shop receipt, just so we know it isn’t just the war in Ukraine pushing bills up?

@McFaul @ForeignAffairs No, they really didn't. Biden was extremely slow to react, as was most of Europe (outside EEur and the Baltics) because they thought Ukraine would fall in three days, and they were more or less fine with it. They are still running behind:

@visegrad24 How many abscesses in the world and in Europe were opened by the war in Ukraine. And showed the true face of many. Some of them turned out to be ordinary cynical scum

"There are 28 countries transferring weapons to Ukraine. All of them, with the exception of Australia, Canada and the U.S., are in Europe. " #WarIndustry? #WarMongers!

@stillgray Fck him and Ukraine! And Russia as well! It's been two hundred and some year's since we told Europe to get the fck out! Think it's time we did it again! Let them handle things for a change!

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