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@alanrosca @anders_aslund The West (and particularly Europe, given it's EU Candidate Member status) have huge interests in rebuilding Ukraine, which is why (whatever happens with reparation) it is on Scholz’s agenda for the G7.

As a sixteen-year-old teenager, he was among the first protesters on the Maidan. Stood for Europe and democracy. Since that time, Roman has never stopped fighting for a better Ukraine. He fought for Ukraine, free from corruption, as an activist and as a journalist.

@seattletimes Biden's/NATO's proxy war AKA- WAG the DOG --Corruption is widespread in Ukrainian society. In 2012 Ernst&Young put Ukraine among the three most-corrupt nations from 43 surveyed—alongside Colombia and Brazil. In 15 The Guardian called Ukraine "the most corrupt nation in Europe".

@Tomorkhan @cpat3188 @A_HOWDZ @jes_chastain Whenever someone posts a clipped image from an unknown source, I just know they're frightened of people finding out the actual information. Any fucking idiot should know that Ukraine and Switzerland aren't in Europe, by the way. So where did this come from?

@GTA6 Zelensky is extreme right, Azov, Pravy sector, svoboda, aidar, c14, banderistas... and I don't know how many other organizations are openlyj Nazi. The rest of the parties are outlawed. Ukraine is a Nazi. #Russia #Ukraine#Russian #Ukrainian #Assange #Ecuador #Kyiv #NATO #Europe

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