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Replace Ukraine with America in your tweet and you are right. BTW Europe should be paying for this war not US Taxpayers. Total scam and you are in on it.

@DrvnkUncleZ The USA and Europe makes zelinski and Ukraine 🇺🇦 look like joysticks for games .

🇺🇦 "Send everyone claiming to be Ukrainian Please" - Ukraine has formally requested all Ukrainian "male citizens" 18+ years, who fled from Ukraine during the Initial stages of the war to different countries in Europe to be Urgently extradited back to Ukraine. H/T #FeinicsRising

@mikeaglover1 My question is: how is Ukraine (one of the poorest countries in Europe) going to possibly pay back anyone like they’re supposedly going to do.

@kiraincongress Europe taking the lead in our own defence, with Ukraine as an integral part of it. Strong deterrence that makes it clear to Russia that any aggression will be responded swiftly and decisively. Strong focus on democratic institutions without ambiguity, no Hungarian style rogues.

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