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Joe is looking v bad, terrible, awful; Kamala is so happy to have north K as a partner; Ukraine must never settle; Europe must be brought to its shivering surrender so it finally take in uncle sam's oil and food.

@PorscheEnthusi1 I also have family in Russia. I would hate to see them conscripted. The slippery slope I state is seeing every situation as Ukraine. "If we let Ukraine go, then we let eastern Europe go" type deal when in fact the situation would be different if a NATO member was invaded. (1/2)

@JoeNBC @DonnaMadras CPAC: Support for Ukraine is more than "gift-giving." It is supporting Europe from Russian aggression which under NATO's terms would involve the U.S. in what could be humanity's last war - and the end of your political games. Thus advised, reconsider and rethink your position.

@apmassaro3 Ukraine fought for the security of Europe, but Europe knelt down to Putin.🤮🤮🤮

I’m tired of no progress in this country because of republicans. Also, no more sending money to #Ukraine. They’ve had enough, let Europe do it.

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