Erdogan - Ukraine Tweets

@ZelenskyyUa @eliimets UK & Italy facing regime change because anger from the people losing income due to war. No guaranteed Biden will win 2024, or Erdogan will win this year. Ukraine must win over Russia so sacrifice from EU, NATO, U.S. and the entire West is worth.

@TheOneTheOracle @ragipsoylu I don't hate the Turks, but their president, Erdogan, who is a dictator and an ally of Russia and Putin But tell me just one source in Erdogan's government who has mentioned sending aid to Ukraine . A state that is an ally of Ukraine is never a friend of Russia and Putin

The Russians posted a video of shooting at the Turkish ship "Tuzla" in Kherson, which was destroyed. Erdogan still emphasizes that it is enough for Russia and Ukraine to simply talk and agree on peace.

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