Erdogan - Ukraine Tweets

Ukraine is still suffering, while the US seems uncertain about Putin. Turkey might be the only solution to help the US today. Why? How should American government trust Erdogan again? Max Hess, one scholar explains more.

@TeaPainUSA After all his years of scamming, cheating, sacrificing our Kurdish Allie to Erdogan and almost sacrificing Ukraine to Putin, he got caught. When he LIED about the election and tried to destroy our Country, the Committee stood up to his lawlessness and the deaths of innocents.

Ukraine War 🇺🇦 Erdogan won't stop mocking Johnson #shorts via @YouTube

@spectatorindex But the Question is this is ongoing since 4-5 years. In EU,Asia,West this caused by Earlier covid then Ukraine war.But in Turkey it's since 4-5 years.Their economy since that Erdogan came is troubling. Question is how Turkish people's are feeling abt this and how r they living..

@KyivIndependent That Turkey met with Kremlin without Ukraine at the table (to discuss Ukraine’s grains) makes trusting any agreements with Erdogan very difficult.

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