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@UA_Yuliia 1/2 About 800 years ago in England, they began having senior judges from London travel around the country to hear appeals from lower courts. This was to prevent local habits and deviations from the national laws to creep in. Maybe auditors like this can really help Ukraine.

https://t.co/YrG71QP0Nv Interesting read from Turkish media: " the Russia-Ukraine war is as much, perhaps more so, an Anglo-American war with Europe as it is a NATO-Russia war. The U.S. and England are collapsing into Continental Europe by giving all their weight."

@RepMTG We are fighting for democracy. America is a democracy. WW2 started when Germany took over Poland , then Czechoslovakia , Hungary , then France then going for England . Then America came in to help. We are helping Ukraine fight for democracy as the strong and free countries are.

Harry is a traitor to England. The US needs to shut him down & stop giving him access to our military. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. The US is paying for Ukraine nazis' war against its own citizens, so why wouldn't the US support the H&M's attempt to destroy the UK.

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