Emirati - Ukraine Tweets

The Saudi and Emirati governments are brutal autocrats at home and actively support similar governments in the region. Now they aren't even reliable dispensers of oil and gas, cutting production to finance Putin's war in Ukraine. So why are they US allies? https://t.co/iJEk45ctv5

Abu Dhabi - (@AFP) The #UAE has no interest in “choosing sides” between global powers, a senior Emirati diplomat said on Monday. The comments by Dr Anwar Gargash come as Washington is at odds with Russia over Ukraine and with Saudi Arabia over OPEC+ cuts in oil production. https://t.co/Etn1wvrGZb

#ICYMI: Saudi, Emirati Press: Hypocrite West Is Outraged When Iranian #Drones Are Deployed In #Ukraine, But Ignores Them In #MiddleEast – Audio of report here https://t.co/SPufkU4ewK #MEMRI https://t.co/Kv1xhZf7mL

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu discusses bilateral relations and regional developments with his Emirati counterpart Al Nahyan, particularly war in Ukraine https://t.co/gd7T0EIRh5

Met with my Emirati counterpart @ABZayed. Discussed bilateral relations and regional developments, in particular Ukraine. Reviewed the steps to advance our cooperation in economy, trade and energy. 🇹🇷🇦🇪 https://t.co/rlsmTLY5ku

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