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@olgatokariuk Exactly, the destruction of Ukraine's power grid is more destructive to Ukrainian voices being heard, than anything @ElonMusk can do with Twitter. Yet, until this last week, not once was it made clear it was the #transformers being destroyed. https://t.co/KpDWmTTsIm

@elonmusk #Elonmusk It is good idea but one thing is important more then Mars. African poor people and poor people and sick people that not enough money for their operation and also more important think is Ukraine migrant people .

#ElonMusk launched new satellite internet rates for Ukrainian users. They received "letters of happiness," where it is written in black and white that a month of Starlink services no longer costs $60, but $75. The terminal and antenna cost $700 (it was 500). #Russia #Ukrainehttps://t.co/OaRFG1ns2j

Disgusting: Musk tweeted that Alexander Vindman, the Jewish retired Army officer who testified about Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine’s president, is both “puppet & puppeteer,” echoing an old antisemitic trope about Jews pulling the strings behind world events. @elonmusk

#KevinMcCarthy doesn't seems too enthusiastic to finance Ukraine, what is wrong with that guy, is he a fan of Putin like #ElonMusk ?

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