Ecuador - Ukraine Tweets

@Harri_Est @ArtmGorban1 @lisgenn Sending much greetings and hugs from Ecuador to the 79th brigada. God bless. 🇺🇦 I love Ukraine. 💕 Be safe and return to your family. Prayers for all the ucranians. 🙏♥️Glory to the heroes. Freedom Ukraine. Slava Ukraine! Slava Ukraine!

@LindseyGrahamSC No they are not and they are walking across our unsecured southern border every day. It’s inconceivable to me that Congress can send $100+ billion to Ukraine, millions to Ecuador to fund drag shows and not secure our own border.

@mmpadellan Another one with the Republican bullshit while LyingBiden gave Ukraine a trillion dollar expense account from our tax dollars, 1000s to Ecuador for Drag Queen Shows and billions worldwide for Gender Equity. The US public gets ZERO from LyingBiden.

@Sky_Lee_1 @mmpadellan Stop with the Republican insanity while Biden gives Ukraine a trillion dollar expense account from our tax dollars and gives Ecuador thousands and billions worldwide for gender equity. Don't you dare accuse republicans while Biden rips off the US public.

@wartranslated Ukraine has shown unbelievable ability to adopt & adapt weapons from plethora of sources. I see combinations of trucks from and cannon from places as diverse and distant as Nepal and Ecuador , well maybe not those particular countries, but close. Give ‘em the weapons.

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