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@GirlScotia The Gauls from Galicia of Waffen SS Galician fame wanted to genocide all Russian Speakers in Ukraine who are spread all over Ukraine but concentrated in the East. Cdnpoli polCan https://t.co/RW1P0669PI

@cmschroe9 @TimothyDSnyder I heard, as in it could be propaganda lies that I heard, that Zelensky's Ukraine bans anything & everything Russian in Ukraine. Meaning ethnic Russian-Ukrainian in the East cannot speak Russian, not at work, not at home. If true, is that not cultural genocide, on their own ppl?

@DannyPunton @francis_scarr @TadeuszGiczan That has been the objective for decades. Putin offered parts of Ukraine to Poland, Hungary, Romania, and wants to keep the resource rich East and Crimea.

@DavidAFrench David, the reality is that Ukraine's 1991 borders were all wrong.. Ukros from western & central Ukr want their own Ukro speaking state managed by the US state dep-t and Pentagon. People from the East & South are leaning to their historical Russian roots https://t.co/NqI4s2QsSm

@margbrennan Is Bill Burns getting enough scope re:Ukraine/Russia ? He speaks diplomacy and russian,arabic+ Even as assistant secretary of state,Near East affairs 2001-2005, Burns clearly saw and warned of MANY hazards of invading Iraq ? https://t.co/jXZI54VxL1 https://t.co/gQ3mSK8MpE

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