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@LindseyGrahamSC They overthrew their own government in 2004 and again in 2014 (with our help). We said “not one inch to the East”, but we instantly lied and expanded. In 08’ at the Bucharest NaTO summit we put Georgia and Ukraine on fast track for membership. We have strangled Russia and lied

"North Korea fires more missiles as tensions rise around Korean Peninsula" Tate Reeves of the East is testing them waters because of that mess with Russia fighting Ukraine. https://t.co/qU0EVNUJTG

Copied and pasted from the Internet. The Ukrainian Azov Battalion, accused of committing war crimes in the East, has attracted many Nazis. It has become undeniable that neo-Nazi units are operating in Ukraine with full governmental support.

@ianbremmer that take could have brought peace up until July. now it's totally unrealistic, after the people in the East and South of Ukraine have had their votes. It would be inhumane to subjugate them under Kiev's revanchism and brutal killings they do in each reconquered region.

@dpinsen @VDAREJamesK Women and children left Ukraine. Men flocked back to fight. Now many women and children are going back too, because the war is mostly in the East.

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