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Apparently Russia is claiming a huge victory in Donetsk where they say a missile killed about 100 foreign soldiers fighting for #Ukraine. I hope it isn't true.

@colorlessorange @xERRH7aErXKgrzV @Riteshnowich @uamemesforces Peaceful city of Donetsk and Luhansk that 🇷🇺 took control of just to ensure Ukraine never got reformation or became politically stable. Plus it was the DPR and the LPR that shot down a passenger jet then claimed everything in the world to justify it shows it’s 🇷🇺’ will and not-

@jeffwspencer @Mr_Zues_1 @RetiredMod @GottaChangeIt @elonmusk @neontaster Oh goodness. No, there is not currently an investigation into whether Ukraine hacked the DNC and the proof is on a server in Donetsk. And when you combine it with Trump illegally withholding congressionally appropriated aid as leverage, and lying about it, that is extortion.

@DVATW A: A russian Psy-Op Russia occasionally shells Donetsk.For a simple reason a)they don't give a f. about them anyway b)to create hatred in those areas against Ukraine c)to give the western "usefull idiots" like Patrick Lancaster something to report and create conflict in the west.

@KalinDokis @WeLoveNATO I guess Ukraine had to make a proper stand somewhere in Donetsk. That somewhere is in Bakhmut. They are heroes defending it for months.

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