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@FilthySoupy @x_El_Capitan_x @ericlewan @UnionEsLibertad @oco0003 @FlagsMashupBot Yes, Ukraine’s Fü**e* government has been shelling Donbass and other regions for 8 years. You must’ve not seen the video where the Ukrainian children are asked by Russian soldiers “Do you like Russia or Ukraine?” One answered “Russia.” and the other kid said to that kid (1/2)

@Dominiquetaegon @BellaWallerstei No he bares full responsibility for destabilising Ukraine in September 2013 via Sanctions, the Russian soldiers deployed in Crimea, and the terrorist detachment lead b Strelkov, who instigated violence in Donbass. Strelkov admits it himself in Russian media.

@az0zone @tirer101 @saar_ja @mtracey So according to you the people of the Donbass would prefer to stay with Kiev? What do you think the true vote would be they hadn't been threatened and coerced by Russian forces to vote for Moscow? 90% in favour of Ukraine, even though Kiev has been shelling them for 8 years?

@xrp_hodl_r @rodimusprime777 @Unswede @Partisangirl Answer my question! Why is Ruzzia loosing instead of gaining territories??? Donbass is occupied for only around 60%. How it is done? Explain? Why just today Ukraine is gaining more territories in Donbass? Ukraine declared 10.000 death. What is your point?

@qwerty5179 Putin is an idiot bully who doesn't know how to fight a real war. He and Trump are going down together. Lyman is now in Ukrainian hands, and soon all the Donbass will follow. As will Kherson and Crimea and elsewhere in Ukraine the orcs occupy.

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