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@KyivIndependent Mmmmm. Better just send the bill to NATO. They caused this mess together with a compliant Zelenskyy & his Azov shakedown gang. In any case, Ukraine can just stay the hell away from Donbas. 8 years of Azov shelling the region is hopefully over. UN says 14,000 deaths since 2014!

@theyoungrossco @ChristopherJM I think the only end game for Russia is the removal of Ukraine's government, otherwise the fighting will never stop. The fighting has been going on in the Donbas since 2014, this isn't new.

@DailyMailUK Ukraine has now lost the Donbas and the Crimea.Russia has lost McDonald's.Truss probably won't be in her job long enough to do anything to help Ukraine

After that, the Baltics would be next... Russia does not plan to \"limit itself to Donbas\" but wants the complete destruction of Ukraine – Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate

@webI103 Crimea had been begging to join Russia for decades. If you think Russia is corrupt, Ukraine makes it look like an angel lol but I can walk you through Donbas as well using verifiable FACTS. I lived there while it was happening but you can’t use me as a “source.”

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