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@mdfzeh Its 100k KIA + 150k wounded. They are literally sacrifing Ukraine against Russia. If they really cared about Ukr, they would have stayed truthful to Minsk agreements which just meant autonomy for Donbas. It was a very pro-ukrainian deal.

Russia’s infamous Wagner Group is freeing rebels held in jail cells in the Central African Republic and deploying them overseas, including in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.

@DefenceU @MFA_Ukraine Thousand of kids like these were killed or burned alive in homes by Ukraine in Donbas during 8 years of genocidal campaign. The so-called Western civilized society didn't shed a tear for them. It is karma, face it!

@scootey @WatkinsCB65 @mfa_russia @dfat @rusembnz @RusEmbUSA @Rusembchina @RusEmbAU On the other hand Ukraine has and still is killing the Russians of the Donbas, and slaughtered surrendered soldiers! Nazi scum

@CountDuckula79 @rybar_en What you wrote is your version and Russia propaganda. Of course Crimea and part of Donbas were not in the elections - they were annexed or supported militarily by Russia. The fact is in the last election the rest of Donbas gave overwhelming support to Zelensky as did the Ukraine.

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