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@deleoaude @Marine_Ukraine Your not the brightest person are you.Majority of the world & every decent person understand this is an invasion,a land grab to steal resources. Ukraine have untapped gas fields with existing pipelines to Europe.A big threat to Russia monopoly. crimea Donbas gas were discovered

@angusproud @guardian Just as Ukraine was bombing their own population (the pro-russian people) in the Donbas region for the 6yrs b4 the war. Zelensky won a majority vote of 72% on a mandate of peace with Russia to remain neutral and not join NATO... Fill the gaps in yourself, BBC always say that.

@nexta_tv Donbas is Ukraine. If those people feel like they want to be “Russian” they can move their asses to Russia!

@Tatyana_Atl @WarMonitors Did you support Ukraine bombing Donbas since 2014 killing 14000 innocent men , women and children and using banned cluster bombs . Also setting civilians on fire during the euromadan coup where all the problems stemmed from . ???

Footage of T-90M "Breakthrough" working on the positions of the AFU in the forests of Kremennaya #Ukraine#RussianArmy #Donbas #UkraineWar #Russia #Europe #usa #ukraineRussiawar #Russian

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