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@A_cartoon_dog @Hereshy1 @SophiePerrin18 @ToddKolod @Gerashchenko_en it’s out in the open now—Russian state TV said “they have OUR plutonium” as well as other natural resources in the “Denazify like Ukraine” segment at this point it feels very “Normandy Format 2” everyone waiting for Russia to cross the line AGAIN

@imetatronink @jacksonhinklle Denazification & Demilitarization of Ukraine must be completed to protect Russians & Jews from Ukrainian Neo Nazis in the future.. Now go and bring out the big ones & Denazify

@bocharik As an Irish man I've been a vocal critic of US Imperialism all my life but Russia has a bigger Ultra Nationalist-Nazi problem than Ukraine. The "Denazify Ukraine idea" is just an extension of Putin being marketed as Max Otto von Stierlitz propaganda

Good. Now let's start removing 🤡's that are acting as presidents and start negotiating peace. At some point, winter is on our doorstep and West will face the fact that, it is exact that time again, negotiate with Russia and Denazify Ukraine.

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