Democrats - Ukraine Tweets

@LibFails Democrats are using Ukraine to launder money to the DNC and themselves. It is a racket! And we are paying for it! What a joke! I am pissed!! Is that all Republicans do nag 😤, complain 🤬and cry 😭 like wow this man country is literally being destroyed and citizens killed and y'all upset about what? #Ukraine #Republicans #Democrats

@NoLieWithBTC Money laundering at its peak. Give to Ukraine n receive huge amounts in kickbacks. While Americans find it difficult to drive to work n put food on the table. N to think he came in a sweat shirt.I would be browsing my cell phone too. No respect for democrats n their guests.

@catturd2 Ukraine under Zelinski is nothing more than Money Pit. A huge swamp dwelling money laundering scheme. For Democrats and Rinos

@BidensWins @POTUS Democrats love corrupt dictators. Ukraine is not a democracy. It’s run by a dictator. Do some homework

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