Democrats - Ukraine Tweets

@DC_Draino Democrats love a good war just be glad he hasn't commited American troop to Ukraine

@RepJeffries There isn't any money left in SS or Medicare. Democrats + Republicans poor spending habits either spent in their trillion $ bills or gave it to Ukraine. Your just deflecting now because you know its all gone.

@GoncharenkoUa @AOC Oleksiy, thank u. Lately, I am so disappointed with Democrats. WAs taken aback when realized that AOC voted against help for Ukraine. Wonder who should I vote in 2024 ... 💙💛🇺🇦🙏

@Amelia_R1992 There are too many construction sites open, China and Taiwan. America must intervene, that's the deal, then Ukraine. Israel.. The Democrats can't do it. Since there is no money. No more national debt! After the Ukraine, if it's not already unofficially finished, comes

@jeremy_jon_1982 Good Lord… I meant No more money to Ukraine… Not yes to sending more… Dang… I need to delete this asap… Sorry for the confusion… Not another penny to Ukraine… It’s all money laundered back to the Democrats and RINO…

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