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Black Friday sales. Are racist, they also cause climate change, the only way to correct this threat to Democracy. Is to kill a baby in the womb. Get a COVID booster and send more money to Ukraine If you disagree, you're a Racist and a threat to Democracy

@Rockin_Boat @RepJeffries Oh look another one who doesn't realize Ukrainians are fighting to their deaths for DEMOCRACY...another one who doesn't realize US & NATO asked Ukraine to give up their nukes & they'd protect them. ...go do some you can 🛑 embarrassing yourself Russia attacked Ukraine because he didn't have a Puppets in Washington trying to Destroy NATO! Trump is the enemy of Democracy. 🗣📢

@the_moodyfoodie @davidhogg111 Tell that to the people of Ukraine. Funny how the left cheers when Ukrainians use fully automatic weapons to defend their land from Russia, despite not being anything resembling a Democracy....yet want to ban anything even remotely resembling such a weapon here in the homeland.

@LindwoodFire @WhiteHouse @NATO #Ukraine has been provoking and. Threatening #Russia for decades, and @BarackObama @JoeBiden created #Ukraine for this purpose, Ukraine is only allowed to exist for one purpose, it has always been slave to Washington interests....never Democracy

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