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@OpDracula @KompozytorE @thos59 @TimRunsHisMouth No they do,why do you try to justify one over another,instead of admitting they are both wrong,difference is Ukraine is supposed to be a democracy which is why we are funding the proxy war right? But Ukraines Zelensky actions say they aren't a Democracy!

@AlexKhrebet If they truly Declare Hatred of Putin, Rassian Agression & Ideology Make Genuine Efforts efforts to Support Ukraine ,West & Democracy.That is some indication of repentance. If they are hard core Rashists & Putler Fan Boys Then given a hard time & send back on Ukraines victory .

Does everyone understand that if Congress falls into the hands of Repubs, Congress will *never* fund support for Ukraine and Ukraine will fall without US aid. Vote Dem. Do it for #Ukraine Do it for #Democracy #DemocracyIsOnTheBallot

It’s like a breath of fresh air, to see Iran women, uniting against a phony religious regime. Ukraine has to fight it thro WAR, U.S. will fight it at ballot box. We are all fighting for DEMOCRACY.

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