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@Denys64UR @DefenseBaron @USAmbUN @PostLive Russia can strike West Ukraine from its own territory using cruise missiles like the one that just struck Poland. A no fly zone is useless.

@DefenseBaron @USAmbUN @PostLive NATO should declare no fly zone for West of Ukraine, where its radars are capable to cover from PL, SK and RO. This would protect NATO from such situations to repeat again and allow Ukraine to move its anti-missile systems from West of Ukraine to protect other regions #NoFlyZone

@DefenseBaron And, in summary: • The 2020 election was rigged • Hunter Biden's laptop is real • J6 was a set-up • Covid 'vaccines' are a fraud • Masks *never* worked • SARS-CoV-2 was made in a lab • U.S. should stay out of Ukraine • Trump should be on Twitter • Fauci should be in jail

@DefenseBaron The NYT denied the Ukraine famine, had a pro-Nazi Berlin correspondent, buried news of the Holocaust, printed an anti-Semitic cartoon, romanticized Fidel Castro, and printed headlines like this...

@DefenseBaron I’d prefer helping Ukraine and Climate Change considering

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